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What makes a property valuable?

As an established partner for development, valuation and brokerage of luxury real estate in Munich and the surrounding area, our search for valuable properties regularly leads to special locations with a strong charisma. These are sophisticated projects that have been designed and built with great care and love, so that they will stand the test of time and continue to bring joy and prosperity to future generations.

We are enthusiastic about sophisticated architecture, sustainable and high-quality craftsmanship and innovative and intelligent usage concepts when they create real and lasting added value and a particularly high quality of living for residents.

As uncompromising advocates of quality in terms of location, architecture, design, construction and fittings, we only ever opt for projects that meet our high quality standards.

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Falckenberg Ensemble

Munich Graggenau

Above the rooftops of Munich's old town, a limited selection of apartments with a unique range of services is setting new standards for sophisticated inner-city living.

Surrounded by Munich's boulevards and cultural sites, the English Garden and the Isar meadows, the Falckenberg Ensemble is being built here in the heart of Munich's old town, a sophisticated new cosmos of living, working and enjoying at the very highest level of quality.

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Poasohof Piesenkam

Tegernsee region

Located between the Bavarian Alps and the state capital Munich, Poasohof combines appealing architecture with the rural idyll of the Tegernsee region.

The location in the foothills of the Alps, characterized by extensive nature, lakes and golf courses, combined with a focus on aesthetics and sustainability, make the project a pioneer for sophisticated living in the countryside.

The residential ensemble comprises 6 exceptional condominiums and 4 "Stadlhäuser" with living spaces between approx. 100 and 140 sqm.

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Possartstraße 11

Munich Alt-Bogenhausen

In the best Alt-Bogenhauser location, M-CONCEPT Real Estate is developing exclusive condominiums in the highest quality construction on the property in Possartstraße. With modern and representative architecture as well as selected materials, lasting values are created in an irretrievable location.

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