Dr. Than Immobilien

Appointment highlights

Discernment and quality mark every detail of the Stadtpalais Widenmayer, bearing witness to the top-class character of the building and its flats. Albeit, the historical foundations and retained appointments such as the stucco elements and natural stone or parquet floors require particular finesse. The restoration of existing elements worth retaining as well as minute coordination of required additions to the historical details involve a great deal of effort.

But the results are well worth the effort: history is rendered tangible in the interior, and the appointments make it possible to experience the grand character in the historical parts of the buildings and as well as in the new constructions.
The Stadtpalais Widenmayer is being implemented with the objective of setting new standards in the exclusive Lehel quarter. This objective is pursued further on the inside.


  • High level of planning quality of the floorplans of the flats
  • Extremely high-quality appointments with individualization options
  • Solid herringbone parquet with edge frieze
  • Solid wood panel doors, in part double-leaf, true to the original
  • Electrical cat7 wiring and setup for high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Welcome light and all-on/off switch at all flat entrances
  • Electric aluminium blinds in all standard sizes

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