Dr. Than Immobilien

The architecture

The Stadtpalais Widenmayer is to contain exclusive owner-occupied flats of between 45 and 450 sqm, which will more than do justice to the location, the heritage status of the site and the expectations of its future residents.

The property consists of three building sections which frame the French-style courtyard with its fountain. The completely modernized building presents its historical facades to the Isar and Eisbach. The middle building is being constructed anew, and its modern facade harmonizes with historical structures. Thanks to the demolition and reconstruction of the middle building, it is possible to build a garage for the residents – a unique feature in Widenmayerstraße. The utterly prestigious 6-metre-high entry portal hints at the generous proportions of the building.

The construction is protected as a heritage site on account of its many historical details, e.g. the stucco elements in the facade of the front and rear building as well as the pillars of the loggias facing the Eisbach. Inside as well, numerous historical details provide for the special flair of the heritage building: the mosaic floors in front of the lift, stucco elements on the ceilings, the heavy door of the entry portal – all of these are features of the historical site and will be treated with great care during the modernization work so that they can be retained.

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